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XF1 VIP [XFR] Anti-Spam - Moderate or Reject Registration By Country or Proxy 1.2.0

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This add-on now only requires CloudFlare if you wish to block or reject countries from registering.

This add-on is used on every site we own. You can view them here:

Moderate VPN, Proxy and Datacenter Registrations
Using you can now reliably moderate users that are connecting from VPNs, Proxies and known Datacenter IP Addresses. All you need is a valid email address. The service is completely free.

Get IP Intel uses special algorithms and machine learning to determine whether a connecting IP Address is a VPN, Proxy or coming from a Datacenter. It is highly accurate (no false positives in the couple of weeks we have been testing it on high volume registration sites).

If the service is down or slow, it will gracefully fail and allow the registration to go through.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 3.19.34 AM.png

Moderate Based on Country Using CloudFlare
Simply enter the code for each country you wish to block separated by a comma. If the country matches on registration the registration will go to the moderation queue.

Moderate TOR Users
If you want to use this add-on to moderate TOR users, add T1 as a country code in the add-on.

Cloudflare Required Settings For Country Blocking or Moderation
You must have IP Geolocation enabled.


Cloudflare Optional Settings
I recommend that you change your Security Level to High. We have been running at High for several months now with no complaints.

The only other spam prevention tools that we use on our sites are Check DNSBL on registration and Registration Timer (seconds).

We have virtually no spam now that we are taking advantage of the powerful Cloudflare service. Cloudflare is free or $20 a month if you wish to have more tools at hand.
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