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XF2 [S70] Steam Authentication and Integration

XF2 VIP XF2 [S70] Steam Authentication and Integration 1.7.9

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The leading Steam integration module for XenForo 2

This add-on provides a fully functional XF2 connected account provider for Steam. This means it integrates perfectly with the existing sign-in system and feels native to XenForo 2 - like an add-on should.

Example forums
  • - A beautiful Sci-Fi MMORPG
  • - The premier Garry’s Mod roleplay community
  • - One of the best and longest-running PERP servers around
  • - Game server administration made easy and done right
  • - German ARK role-play community
  • - The largest ArmA II DayZ Epoch server
  • - Russian Dota 2 Artifact fansite
  • - German-language gaming community
Running our add-on? Shoot me a PM and I’ll add you to the list!

Current features
  • IMPORTANT: Data importer for XenForo 1 - no need to lose your existing userbase
    Please see the included README file for instructions
  • NEW: Game analytics - know your users better
  • Login and registration via Steam
  • Linking of existing accounts
  • Profile picture synchronization
  • Extensive association and dissociation logs
  • Fine-grained permissions and privacy system
    • Optionally prevent non-Steam registrations for new users
    • Optionally prevent dissociation of Steam accounts
    • Choose who may see Steam IDs, profiles, and banners
  • User list and statistics
  • Steam profile banners
  • Display Steam IDs in posts and private messages

If you are having trouble with the add-on, please refrain from asking for support on the discussion thread itself. Troubleshooting can involve sensitive information and other things that are not ideal for public view.

Instead, we offer support via the following:
  • :
  • E-Mail:
  • :
See the for information regarding updates, installation, discounts, and alternative payment options.
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