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Xenforo 1.5.20 Beta 1 Full Nulled

XENFORO 1 Xenforo 1.5.20 Beta 1 Full Nulled 1.5.20 Beta 1

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As promised, we are today releasing both XenForo 1.5.20 Beta 1 which implements some new functionality to aid compliance with the .

For a much more detailed overview of what GDPR is and what new features have been added, please read the following thread

This is beta software. It is not officially supported. We do not recommend running it in production.

A summary of the changes in this release for both XF1
  • New notice position "Fixed" which fixes notices to the bottom of the page.
  • GDPR: New default privacy policy help page
  • GDPR: Ability to mark change log entries as "protected" so they will never be pruned
  • GDPR: New fields to log the date and time that the privacy policy / terms and rules were last accepted (logged as protected in the user change log)
  • GDPR: Now possible to force all members to accept privacy policy / terms and rues before continuing using the site
  • GDPR: More detailed cookie notice which has to be explicitly acknowledged. It will appear in the new "Fixed" notice position.
  • GDPR: Updated default Cookie help page text.
  • GDPR: When deleting a user, give an option to change their name in order to anonymize content they have created.
  • GDPR: Functionality to allow very basic personal details to be exported in XML format on one forum and imported into another to comply with data portability.
  • GDPR: Require explict consent when registering and only log acceptance if consent was given.
  • GDPR: New option to show "Require site email" option to be filled in during registration (with consent date being logged if appropriate).
  • GPDR: Add a new option to anonymise IP addresses for Google Analytics.
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