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XF2 VIP Chat 2 by Siropu 2.1.8

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Added option to edit post author. Requires Chat moderator user group permission "Can change author".
Added admin option to hide the Chat on certain pages when using "All pages mode".
Added right Chat navigation icon with active user count on mobile when Chat navigation is enabled.

Bugs Fixed
Ordering users by most active not working on list update.
Saving message color saves the settings twice.
Using rgba in message color resulting in the display of the raw BB Code.
Smilies will now be displayed in the chat bar.
Private conversations will now work with the user privacy setting "Allow users to… Start conversations with you".
User mention alerts will now display the room name. (Phrase siropu_chat_x_mentioned_you_in_a_chat_message has been changed to siropu_chat_x_mentioned_you_in_a_chat_message_in_room_x)

Bugs Fixed
Incompatibility error with TH Reactions Plus.
Member card "Start chat" displaying when it shouldn't.
Added archive option to delete multiple messages at the same time.
Added /prune command option to delete the last x messages in a room by specifying a number after it (no more than 99).
Added option to disable room tab user count.
Added option to disable conversations tab online user count or display unread message count instead.
Added chat bar option to disable chat with one click.

Bugs Fixed
Error with conversation likes.
Action logger not deleting older entries.
Embedding individual rooms on different pages can display the room with XF header and footer.
User status is displayed on chat refreshes even if the user has disabled statuses in user settings.
Issue with switching from private conversations to public chat when rooms are disabled.
Other code issues.
Added admin option to set the maximum image upload file size.
Added room option to post thread replies back to chat when using the "Thread ID" room feature.

Fixed setting issue with roll command. Edit the command and save it again to update the settings properly.
Fixed bellow breadcrumb position issue where you can end up with two chat instances.