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xF2 Skin UI.X 2 Dark

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UI.X Dark 2 Changelog:
  1. Fixed cookie notice alignment
  2. Fixed the issue that caused registration field names from not being aligned with the field boxes
  3. Improvements were made to the styling for the media column sidebar
  4. Improvements were made to button sizing
  5. Fixed scrolling notice display issues
  6. Removed the negative margin in the title bar
  7. Improvements synced styling on quick reply messages
  8. Social media links now open in a new tab
  9. Improved sticky support on Safari related browsers
  10. Fixed issues with editor pop-up button hover
  11. Improved alignment with the search drop-down buttons
  12. Improved alignment on discussion list item pagination
  13. Improved Login Form Widget padding
  14. Improved Cast Vote Button alignment
  15. Fixed that issue that caused XPress threads to be missing the reply button
  16. Improvements made on the postbit bottom bar padding
  17. Improved automatic sub-category navigation overflow on XPress