How do I get my gaming forum popular?


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Hey guys, I recently made a gaming forum. The money, money, and effort into it.

How can I get it popular?


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Enable guest posting
Not all forums have posting enabled by default. Not all users enjoy the thought of having to register to post messages on the forum. Enabling this feature can increase the popularity and use of your forums dramatically. If you start to notice an increase of abuse from guests, guest posting can be disabled at a later time.
Allow guests to view the forums
Always keep your forums public if you want new people to join. It is very unlikely for someone who doesn't know what the forum is about or what's on the forum to register as a member. Also, make sure search engine can index pages on your forum.
Mention the forum on all your pages
Your forum should be a focal point on your web page, which is why it should also be mentioned on each of your web pages. For example, the Computer Hope navigation found at the top of this page and every other page has a link to our . Mentioning the forum on your is good, but not all visitors are going to get to your web page through the homepage.